Multi Touch Table (2010)


In collaboration with: Shawn Mahabir, Matt Wiechec, Tomas Rojcik.
Photography By: Stephen Schoettler and Shawn Mahabir
w. 30"(76cm), h. 32"(81cm), l. 51"(129cm)

The Multitouch Table was designed as part of YSDN's 10th annual student Grad Show as an initiative to increase the Programs interactive presence, while displaying student's projects in a fun, unique and intuitive way.

Our exhibition space, the Fermenting Cellar, offered a large area to display student's screen projects. The high traffic but limited amount of available iMac computers offered us the opportunity to explore alternate interactive methods which cater to a group of simultaneously users. Because the table's screen lies horizontally flat, it allows for users to gather around and use it together. The multitouch screen accepts input from multiple fingers at once letting users manipulate on screen content with natural gestures such as grabbing, stretching and rotating.

Following the Grad Show the table will be integrated into the YSDN curriculum allowing students a new technology and medium with which they may further advance their design studies.