Winona House Entrance Unit(2012)


In collaboration with: Mark Finnigan
Materials: White Oak and Corian
Photography By: Jeffrey Burt and Mark Finnigan
w. 98"(249cm), h. 80"(203cm), d 16"(40cm)

For this project, we worked with Toronto's PDA (Public Displays of Affection) too furnish YWCA's Winona House common room.

The colours in the medicine wheel often represent many different beliefs and teachings in first nation communities. The colours and placement often vary and can represent directions, seasons, elements and animals. Regardless of the variations between cultures, the four colours represented in a circle all contain the sense of balance and unity. The Winona House common area is a shared space for many different activities. It could be a place to eat, a place for activities (art, crafts, dancing, games) or a place to relax. We wanted to use the colours and the circular motion in the cabinet to create the sense of balance and unity. We viewed the room as a place for the gathering of different people which made the colours and form fitting.